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design features

compared with Harrier GR.mk3/AV-8a include bigger wing and longer fuselage ; use of graphite poxy (carbonfibre) composite materials for wings and parts of fuselage and tail unit ; adoption of supercritical wing section ; addition of LIDS (lift improvement devices : strakes to replace gun / ammunition pods when armament not carried , plus retractable fence panel forward of pods ) to augment lift for vertical take-off , larger wing trailing-edge flaps and drooped ailerons ; redesigned forward fuselage and cockpit ; redesigned engine air intakes to provide more VTO/STO thrust and more efficient cruise ; two additional wing stores stations ; wing outriggers relocated at mid-span to provide better ground maoeuvring capability ; leading-edge root extensions (LERX) to enhance instantaneous turnrate and air combat capability ; landing gear strengthened to cater for higher operational weights and greater external stores load.  Wing span and area increased by approx 20% and 14,5% respectively compared with GR.Mk3 / AV-8a ; leading-edge sweep reduced by 10* ; thickness / chord ratios 11,5% (root) 7.5% (tip) ; marked anhedral on wings and variable incidence tailplane.   Increased size (100%) LERX from 79th UK production aircraft (zg506) ; being retrofitted.