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power plant
One 105.87kn Rolls-royce F402-RR-408 (pegasus 11-61) vectored thrust turbofan in AV-8b (95.42kn F402-RR-406a/pegasus 11-21 in aircraft delivered before december 1990); one 95.63 pegasus mk 105 in Harrier GR.MK5/7; Mk 152-42 in matador 2.   Redundant digital engine control system (DECS), with mechanical backup, standard from march 1987.   Zero-scarf front nozzles.  Air intakes have an elliptical lip shape, leading-edges reinforced against birdstrikes, and a single row of auxiliary intake doors.  Acces to engine accessories through top of fuselage, immediately ahead of wing.  Integral fuel tanks in wings, usable total 2,746 litres plus four fuselage tanks:front and rear, 609 litres each, port centre and starboard centre, 177 litres each.  Internal fuel 4,319 litres usable; 4,410 litres total in single-seat versions; 4150 litres total in two-seat  versions.