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 The AV-8 Harrier   |   programme   |   design features   |   structure   |   landing gear   |   power plant   |   accommodation   |   avionics   |   armanent   |   specifications   |   Sea Harrier   |   feedback   |   superbird himself
Pilot only,on zero/zero ejection seat (UPC/stencel for USMC, Martin-Baker for RAF), in pressured, heated and air conditioned cockpit.  AV-8b cockpit raised approx 30,5cm by comparison with AV-8a/YAV-8b, with redesigned one-piece wraparound windscreen (thicker on RAF aircraft than those for USMC) and rearward sliding bubble canopy, to improve all-round field of vieuw.  Windscreen de-icing.  Windscreens and canopies for all aircraft manufactured by MC Donnel Douglas.

harrier on flightdeck