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 The AV-8 Harrier   |   programme   |   design features   |   structure   |   landing gear   |   power plant   |   accommodation   |   avionics   |   armanent   |   specifications   |   Sea Harrier   |   feedback   |   superbird himself
Include dual collins RT-1250A/ARC U/VHF com (GEC-Marconi Avionics AD3500 ECM resistant U/VHF-AM/FM in RAF GR.Mk7 aircraft; military designation ARI 23447 but ARC-182 ARI 23387 in GR.Mk5), R-1379B/ARA-63 all wheather landing reciever (AV-8b only), Rt-1159A/ARN-118 Tacan (ARI 23369 for RAF), RT-1015A/APN-194(V) radar altimeter (ARI 23388 for RAF GR.Mk5 but RT1042A/ARI 23388 in GR.Mk7), Honeywell CV-3736/A com/nav/identification data converter, Bendix/King RT-1157/APX 100IFF (Cossor IFF 4760 Mk 12/ARI 23389 transponder for RAF), Litton AN/ASN-130A inertial navigation system (replaced by GEC-Marconi FIN 1075 or 1075g with RAF), AiResearch CP-1471/A digital air data computer, Smiths Industries SU-128A dual combining glass HUD and CP-1450/A display computer, IP-1318/A CRT Kaiser digital display indicator, and (RAF only) GEC-Marconi moving map display.  Litton AN/ALR-67(V)2 fore/aft looking RWR (AV-8b only), UK MoD AN/ARR-51 FLIR reciever , goodyear AN/ALE-39 flare/chaff dispencer (upper and lower rear fuselage; current two dispencers to be increased to six)( Tracor AN/ALE-40 in RAF aircaft).