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Two underfuselage packs, mounting on port side a five barrel 25mm cannon based on General Electric GAU-12/U, and 300-round container on starboard side, in AV-8b; or (RAF) two 25mm royal ordnance factories cannon with 100 rds/gun (derived from 30mm Aden); delivery of Aden 25 still awaited, early 1994.  Single 454kg stores mount on fuselage centreline, between gun packs.  Three stores stations under each wing on AV-8b, stressed for loads up to 907kg inboard, 454kg on intermediate stations, and 286kg outboard.  Four inner wing stations are wet, permitting carriage of auxiliary fuel tanks; reduced manoeuvring limits apply when tanks mounted on intermediate stations.  RAF aircraft and new production Harrier 2 plus have additional underwing station, for sidewinder air-to-air missile, ahead of each outrigger whell fairing.  Tipical weapons two or four AIM-9L Sidewinder, Magic or AGM-65E Maverick missiles, or up to six Sidewinders; up to sixteen 540lb free-fall or retarded general purpose bombs, 12 BL 755 or similar cluster bombs, 1,000lb free-fall or retarded bombs, 10 Paveway laserguided bombs, eight fire bombs, 10 Matra 155 rocket pods (each with eighteen 68mm SNEB rocke) , or 9(in addition to underfuselage gun packs) two underwing gun pods.